Q. Why would someone who’s already doing well in life need a coach?

Actually, coaching presumes that a person is resourceful, active, and functioning in a healthy way. Coaching is where the real fun begins! It’s about helping people reach their full potential; build on strengths; create vision and move toward the future. Sometimes there’s just a shift, big or small, that moves the client into greater alignment, purpose, and fulfillment.

Q. How long must I commit to coaching?

Typically, coaching is most effective if the client commits to the relationship for a minimum of three months. Most coaching relationships last much longer, however, how long you choose to benefit from our ongoing coaching relationship is up to you.

Q. Can I work with you again after I have reached my goal and decide on a new goal?

Of course! We may coach long-term or you may complete a goal, move on, and come back again at a later date. And I encourage you to stay in touch and share your progress, wins, and challenges.

As your coach, I stand for and support you. When you are ready to move forward with new goals, I will come alongside you and create the space for you to explore all the possibilities. As one client said, “A good coach holds the space for your dreams… They see the future for you when you cannot.”

Q. How are you different from other coaches?

My passion and vision is to work with and serve purpose-driven individuals — leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, who desire to create meaningful impact. My goal is to serve in a way that inspires them to create personal and spiritual transformation in their own lives, through discovering and living in their strengths, gifts, and calling. This prepares them to achieve their goals, be effective leaders in organization, home, church and community, and be empowered to serve others for significant impact and social good.

I believe that every person and every organization has a higher purpose that we were created to do and serve. And I believe, as Pastor Tony Evans said, “Success is not what you’ve done compared to what others have done. Success is what you have done compared to what you were supposed to do.”

It is my goal to stand for each of my clients as a whole person; to hold the space for them to learn, grow, become, create, and achieve.

I honor my clients’ vision and help them clarify their values, purpose, mission, and goals. I listen to my clients and ask powerful questions to help them gain awareness and new perspective.

I help clients strategize new actions and ways of moving forward and ask you to take responsibility for your choices.

I encourage. I challenge. I respect my clients’ investment of time, energy, and finances into this coaching process.

I commit to my own learning, growth and development, and evaluating and improving my own performance as a coach, a leader, and an individual.

This is what I bring to every client experience.

Q. You mention God and that you’re a Christian, what if I’m not? Will you bring that into our coaching?

Good question. The answer is no. Not unless you ask me to. I have many clients who aren’t necessarily “Christian.” Our focus, in coaching, is on you and your goals and objectives, not on me or my beliefs or agenda.

However, what clients appreciate about me is the biblical values of honesty, integrity, kindness, care, and servant leadership by which I strive to live my life and conduct my business.

Q. How will we work together?

  • We meet weekly, via phone, for 45-minute sessions, which we schedule in advance.
  • Our conversations are kept in full confidence.
  • Each week we’ll discuss what’s gone well and what needs to be addressed.
  • During a typical session, we’ll get clear on what you want to focus on that day, create action steps that you want to commit to that week, and determine how you want to be held accountable.
  • Then, you move forward with your plan and actions toward the larger goal.

During our time together, we may also use specific tools and assessments that will help you in the work we do.

Q. What results can I expect?

I will walk faithfully with you through confidential, thought-provoking, challenging conversations, as we look at where you’re at versus where you want to be and we work to create bold goals, and an action plan to help you get there.

It is critical that you fully apply yourself to the coaching process. Our work together will often be fun, purposeful, and goal-directed, but also dependent upon you honoring action items or “assignments” between calls. Your full success and growth comes from the work you do in between our calls as you implement your plan.

With that kind of commitment, our partnership can move you forward and help you achieve the vision and goals you create through the process.

Q. Why should I invest in myself, now, in these uncertain economic times?

Aren’t you very aware, during tough times, of the need to be extremely intentional with your money, time, career, relationships, and life? These are the very things that coaching addresses. These often involve mindset issues. Our mindsets determine a great deal about who we are and the lives we lead.

When you hear those internal voices saying, “There’s no way,” “I’m not good enough,” “What if the worst happens,” you name it. Those gremlins just keep picking away, don’t they? Perhaps you’ve lost perspective. It’s time to take a step back. Coaching can help you be intentional and potentially save time and money on your journey by creating a targeted vision, goals, and action steps to get there more quickly.

Q. If I’m not sure, how can I sample your work?

That’s easy. Simply schedule a complimentary, risk-free, phone session.
Contact me today or call 1-515-270-6316.

Q. How do I get started?

If you know you’re ready to get started, contact me today or call 1-515-270-6316 and we’ll set up our first coaching appointment, send you the welcome packet, and arrange for payment prior to the first session.

Q. Do you offer group coaching?

Yes, I do. If you are interested in bringing coaching to your group, team, or organization, contact me today or call 1-515-270-6316 to set up a free session to discuss your needs and how we can work together.