What Clients Say

Holly KlueverI started looking into coaching when trying to resolve some very specific challenges in work. Once I found Julie, and we started talking through those issues, our conversations quickly expanded towards what kind of leader I aspire to be, and, even more broadly, to changes I could make to better align my life with my values and priories.

As a coach, Julie has been a great sounding board to talk through circumstances in my work and life, as well as the big picture goals of where I want to be. Taking this step and working with Julie as my coach, has been a worthwhile investment in myself, and I would recommend it for others.”

Holly Kluever
Chief Operations Officer
Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

Bob, client of Julie SmithWhile there were many positives of my time being coached by Julie, I think the most revelatory moment came as we dug into my “why” for wanting to create change. Through Julie’s insightful questioning, I had an epiphany which completely changed my thinking.

I loved how we collaboratively set the scope of our work together and then shaped it further throughout the process. Julie did a great job listening between the lines as we spoke and helped me figure out what I thought was important.

I absolutely recommend Julie for your coach. I enjoyed her positive, upbeat manner and great questions. She also provided excellent resources. That’s value added to our already valuable coaching sessions.”

Business Owner

Kelli SchulteIn one hour I walked away with a clear vision for the next 5 years AND a business Google listing. And to think all I thought I was looking for was permission to do my consulting work! It’s not often that I can sit and completely share what is on my heart and mind with someone and feel heard. Not only does Julie listen, she understands and asks the right question to help me dig even deeper. When I need a breakthrough and clarity, I always turn to Julie as my coach. She’s amazing at helping me cut straight through to the heart of the matter. No matter where you are struggling, I highly recommend Julie as a coach.”

Kelli Schulte
Coach & Consultant

Ryan MillsI went into coaching not really knowing what to expect, but knowing I needed help in some fashion. Julie helped me organize my thoughts, hopes, goals, and strategies into an actionable game plan. It was so incredibly helpful to have her strong focus keep things from getting off topic. Julie’s support helped me manage a major growth stage in my company, laying a foundation to keep the growth solid and functional.

My time coaching with Julie was like a much needed ‘pause’ button on the whirlwind of chaotic growth. It allowed me time and focus to define the chaos, thereby eliminating it.

Julie has a professionally pleasant demeanor, and can establish a solid structure to a purposeful conversation. I think her ability to maintain focus found its way to me by way of influence. I feel like I can now make decisions with more confidence, with a well-defined foundation of purpose. If you’re considering Julie as your coach, I absolutely recommend her!”

Ryan Mills
Quickbooks Consultant
Clarity Accounting Services, Inc.

Kathleen CoadyWorking with Julie helped me to gain clarity about what is realistic, achievable, and most important (to me) in my work life. Working together I stayed focused on my top priorities instead of getting caught up in tasks that didn’t move me forward toward my goals. I really looked forward to every one of our conversations knowing I would come away with something of value to think about or do. Our conversations always felt like a brainstorming session! Perhaps what I valued the most was Julie’s ability to help me see things from other perspectives. I highly recommend Julie as a coach. And I believe coaching is a valuable investment for anyone who wants to make the most out of their work and life.”

Kathleen Coady

Jane JuelsgaardMy time spent with Julie was truly the highlight of my week. She is a genuine, compassionate person who used her skills to help me step up out of the daily “grind” and take a clearer look at how far I’ve come and focus more on where I’m headed in both my career and personal life. Navigating the challenges we face each day tends to require so much of our energy that we aren’t always sure whether or not we are progressing toward our goals. Having a coach like Julie has been an invaluable compass for me!”

Jane Juelsgaard

Michelle MartinJulie is everything I could ever want in a coach! She is sincere, intentional, and purposeful to keep the conversation on track while holding a safe and confidential space for growth to take place. When it’s time to explore my current obstacle or goal, she asks insightful questions that allow new perspectives and deeper understanding to spring forth. No matter what I bring to our call, she is ready to dive deep and support, providing the opportunity to overcome limiting beliefs and create actions that move my goals forward at a faster pace than I could ever accomplish on my own.”

Michelle Martin
Life & Wellness Coach

Sharon MoistAn amazing business coach and trusted friend, I am truly blessed to be working with Julie and would highly recommend her services to anyone desiring to experience immediate success and exponential growth.”

Sharon Moist
Int’l Speaker, Author & Master Life Coach

Julie, thanks for holding space for me to have the business of my dreams. That’s what a good coach does… they see the future for you when you cannot.”


In so many ways, I see why my work with you has been part of God’s plan. With the coaching and consulting, you are the PERFECT person for me to be talking to at this moment. Please include me in your prayers – I’m about to be VERY BRAVE!”

Manager & Direct Sales Professional