“Practice Intentional Leadership within your own life and in the lives of others you influence, and you will create an Intentional Life of great impact.” ~Julie Smith

Coaching as a Partnership

We work together in partnership. Through confidential, thought-provoking, challenging conversations, we look at where you’re at versus where you want to be and we work to get you crystal clear on your vision, values, and strengths. Then we create bold goals, and an action plan to help you get there.

I’ve worked in the corporate and entrepreneurial world for over two decades, and it is my honor to help professionals create their own definition of success, use their strengths to step out in a bigger way, and to ultimately create significance by using their greatest abilities and passions to leave the world a better place. Succcess and Significance.

Coaching shortens the time it takes to achieve your goals and growth by inspiring creativity and possibilities; encouraging consistent and purposeful action; and providing accountability to achieve your best. It is transformation from the inside out.

From personal, private, one-on-one coaching to group programs and “learning communities,” I offer many levels of support to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re a seasoned professional and are ready to make the leap to the next level of success and significance, I’m here to help you!

Coaching Programs

Leadership & Career Coaching

Imagine…discovering a coach who cares about what success means to you and believes you can make it happen with greater ease and impact. Someone who can help you get clear and focused on your purpose and vision, create a strategy and hold you accountable to take meaningful action toward creating success and significance in your work and life.

Whether you are…

  • feeling stuck and wondering what’s next
  • working hard but wondering why you’re not happy or fulfilled
  • wanting to make a new career move
  • wanting to be more effective in a current or new role

Together we can…

  • Get clear on your own vision of success — not someone else’s
  • Clarify your vision and growth goals, and create action plans to get there
  • Maximize your opportunities, potential, and performance
  • Understand how you’re “wired” and leverage it to impact your success as a leader or entrepreneur
  • Improve your ability to connect, impact, and effectively lead others

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Small Business and Marketing Coaching & Consulting

What impact would it have on your small business to have regular access to a coach who’s been an entrepreneur for more than eleven years? A coach who’s managed online presence and marketing for million-dollar business coaches? A coach who won’t try to throw you a one-size-fits-all business blueprint, but help you create a strategy that works specifically for you and your business?

Whether you…

  • are in start-up mode and want to shorten the learning curve and path to success
  • have been in business for awhile and think you’re doing all the right things but aren’t getting the results you want
  • have lots of information from the “gurus” swimming in your head, but have no idea where to start

Together we can…

  • specifically identify your ideal client and get very clear on how you help them
  • package your products and services in a way that helps clients get better results and streamlines your marketing
  • build a website strategy that engages visitors and establishes your website as the hub of all your marketing efforts
  • create a simple, authentic marketing plan that will help bring in a steady stream of potential clients
  • plan special projects like an email newsletter, teleseminars or webinars to promote your offerings, create a new product or program and plan a strategy to launch it, or map out a group coaching or membership program
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Life & Wellness Coaching

To be fit to lead and serve with a sense of purpose in our work, family, and community, we must strive for holistic wellness. Are you ready to create optimal wellness so that you’re strong and healthy, feel great, and are living the best version of you? It involves how we eat; how we move; how we live; how we think; how we connect with others; how we work; and how we serve.

Whether you are…

  • seeking a healthy lifestyle and nutrition that will help you achieve your full potential
  • longing for a healthy life/work balance, less stress and more energy
  • desiring to live a life full of purpose and meaning
  • looking for positive change in your life, work, or ministry
  • navigating a new season of life or transition

Together we can…

  • create simple, healthy lifestyle habits that help you create optimal health
  • help you make life choices that align with who you are and what you value most
  • create sustainable life and work balance
  • find strategies for overcoming obstacles
  • establish clarity of purpose and direction

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