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Do you feel like you’re working hard, but struggling
to get where you want to be?

Are you tired of playing it safe and staying within the lines,
but afraid to step out?

Are you striving for success, yet it always seems to fall short of
the fulfillment you desire?

Dear professional or entrepreneur,

If this sounds like you, I say… great! It’s this kind of creative discontent that can lead you to something better. To more significance. To make a bigger impact. To achieve greater fulfillment and success, on your terms.

Tony Evans once said,

Success is not what you’ve done compared to what others have done. Success is what you have done compared to what [you] were supposed to do.”

What does true success look like for you? How would you define significance in your life? Is there something God has put right in front of you that you’re not acting on?

I’m not talking about how others define success. I’m talking about the success and significance that reaches YOU down deep; causes you to greet each day with enthusiasm; assures that you know you’ve made a difference.

Why do I know anything about this and why is it important? First, I’ve lived it. I’ve asked the questions and found MY answers. I’ve taken action. Second, I’ve worked with countless professionals and entrepreneurs who’ve achieved great levels of success and yet experienced this deep awareness and struggled in finding their own answers. And I’ve observed this pattern over and over, in others, over my many years as a business owner.

You have a need and desire for a certain level of professional success and lifestyle comforts for yourself and your family. We all do. This is good! It pulls you forward. But intuitively you know there is more to life than money and comfort. There’s helping others and leaving a part of the world a better place. There’s contentment. There’s knowing you’ll finish well.

Are you ready? Ready to…

  • Achieve your definition of professional and lifestyle success with greater ease and fulfillment
  • Harness your strengths, gifts and passions to step out in a bigger way
  • Build your definition of significance, apply it to your life, and create a lasting impact for good

Contact me for a complimentary session where we will explore your possibilities and an intentional approach to achieving your definition of success and fulfillment.

Sometimes one conversation changes everything.

We’ll spend 45-60 minutes together, via phone, to help you get more clarity and focus so you’ll be ready to move forward, with meaningful actions, to achieve success and significance more quickly.

What’s next for you?

More discontent or success AND significance with greater ease and fulfillment?

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Are you ready? Greater success, more fulfilling work, and a life of significance and impact are waiting for you.

All my best,